Do Fancy Cars Help Businessmen Make Money?

No matter how much you try to deny it, we live in a materialistic world where our possessions determine our worth. People judge you based on the kind of house you own, the clothes you wear, and the car you drive. It is just how the world functions, and if you are wise, you must take advantage of something like this.

Successful businessmen exploit that notion by representing a luxurious lifestyle full of fancy cars, expensive clothes, and ornate mansions. Surprisingly, it works! People give them respect, which leads to more money.

But if we look at this phenomenon closely, it becomes clear that owning a fancy car is more impactful when looking to gain respect and status. That’s why you see businessmen using luxurious vehicles to commute to work, even though a regular sedan does the same job. When you arrive at a place as a businessman to finalize a deal, you make a lasting first impression with a fancy car. And you might not notice, but the other person subconsciously decides to treat you nicer and offer you better deals.

Luxury Cars as a Status Symbol

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The internet is full of pictures where you see a luxury automobile parked outside a below-average house. While some of those images are sarcastic and meant to be funny, others depict a truer picture. There are people out there who understand that the car you drive makes an impact on your daily interactions. If you have a Lamborghini or a Ferrari, people will look at you differently, and that is a fact. So, even if they have to live in a small house to support that lifestyle, they will do it without thinking twice. After all, hardly anyone will visit your home to talk business. You will have to go outside where your car and clothes will represent your social status.

It doesn’t matter if you live as a tenant or eat fast food every day. If your car is worth a million bucks, others will respect you. They will put you on a higher pedestal, you will get better treatment, and some will even look up to you as inspiration. The latter is what makes a businessman the most money. If you create an aura of luxury, you will attract connoisseurs of luxury, and one thing will lead to another.

Expensive Vehicles are Good for Marketing

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Let’s say you have a business that needs a boost to reach a certain threshold. The best way to do that is through marketing. After all, you need to reach a specific audience and showcase your product’s potential. One way to do that is by using the power of social media. Here you don’t even need to spend too much money. All you have to do is use social media apps like Facebook and Instagram to showcase your luxurious lifestyle. You can take pictures in expensive cars, even random ones that don’t market your business product will work quite well.

The people who follow your socials will link your success and luxurious lifestyle with your business earnings. You will get a larger online following, which ultimately leads to more business opportunities and a fancier lifestyle.

There are a ton of Youtubers online who do the same thing. They initially make random videos and gain some traction with a bunch of followers. Once the hype builds up, and they start to earn money, the first thing they do is buy a fancy car to promote their brand. After that, all you see are ‘new car reveal’ videos, ‘look at my brand-new sportscar’ videos, etc. Unsurprisingly, people take the bait, and that works wonderfully for their business.

Nowadays, a guy by the name of Daniel Mac is quite famous for doing something interesting on TikTok. He goes to car meets asking random strangers what they do and how they afford the fancy car they are driving. The people talk a bit about their business ventures and activities, which gives you an idea of their success. But in the background of all that is a fancy vehicle that attracts Daniel’s attention.

Some of you might see this as just another TikTok video, but what this thing is doing is attracting a large audience. When people that are driving luxury cars talk about their business, they are simply marketing themselves, which ultimately helps their business, thanks to Daniel’s audience.

Fancy Cars Allow you to Sell your Product

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There are so many motivational speakers and artists out there who showcase their luxury lifestyles. When you look at it, their business is based on selling manuals and motivational books. These so-called manuals are hard to sell because people want to see someone that actually succeeded by using the information in the book. So, what you do is make YouTube videos in expensive places, show yourself in luxurious cars, and market yourself as a successful person. Do the same on Facebook and Instagram as well. A person who looks at the posts will believe you made all that money using the tips in the book you wrote.

They will think, “There must be some useful trick or magic tip inside that made the person so successful that he’s driving such luxurious vehicles.”. Why not buy the book? Once that feeling arouses, you are in business. The person buys the book, you get a profit as a businessman and grow richer by the day.

Initially, you might not even have the money to afford such a fancy car to support your online image, but you can always use a rental until you have enough money actually to afford a super luxurious car. Alternatively, use a friend’s fancy vehicle for such ventures.

Ultimately, you will be able to sell more of your product and score better deals for future ventures.

Cars with the WOW Factor

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But before you do any of the above, you must know which car best promotes a luxurious image. Obviously, you can’t have the same effect with a Honda Civic. You need an exclusive vehicle or a car that people adore. Here are a few fancy cars that always turn heads no matter where you go.

Mercedes G-Wagon

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Mercedes is one of the most well-known luxury car brands in the world. They are undoubtedly the best at what they do, which is why they have such a high status. So, any vehicle within the Mercedes family should do the trick for you. But if you, as a businessman, need to stand out of the crowd and make an impact, you should go with the G-Wagon.

You might argue that the SUV is quite common among rich people, and it is not exclusive. But the G-Wagon is quite popular among influencers, and such people have millions of followers. When you ride in a G-Wagon yourself, the onlooker will subconsciously judge you to be a rich person or a successful individual. Since they like the car, they will like you and whatever you stand for.

However, the G-Wagon is a force to be reckoned with all on its own. It is a beautiful SUV that has no parallel, in terms of design, power, and luxury.

Porsche 911

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Luxury cars work well to promote your brand, but sometimes a supercar has the same effect. Firstly, because they are almost equally as expensive, and also because people love sportscars. You aim to attract the most interesting audience towards yourself and your brand. The Porsche 911 is one of the best fancy cars that can do that for you.

The 911 is an iconic sports car that has been around for ages. So, not only does it appeal to the upcoming generation, but it also serves as a prop for all the Boomers who idealized 911 in their young days. As for you, you get to drive a luxury sportscar and enjoy the benefits of your prospering business.

Bentley Continental GT

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If you want people to take you seriously, then buying a Bentley will do you wonders. Yes, it is expensive, but it is the epitome of luxury, a car that personifies the statement ‘fancy car’. Not only does luxury ooze out of every corner of the car, but performance is there as well.

The brand is ancient, and they have been making such vehicles for decades. So, they know what they are doing, and the car community respects them for their legacy. If you own one, you will attract respect from a different league, a kind of gentry that is highly exclusive. In other words, a Bentley will give you the opportunity and appeal that you desperately need as a businessman to make money. Others have done it before.

Take a look at Dan Bilzerian, Gianluca Vacchi, and others like them. They live around luxury cars and use them to market their brand. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that these cars make them money and add to their already vast fortune.